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Handicare 950 Straight Stair Lift Installed In Lexington KY Description

Looking for the best straight stairlift option, then look no further. The Handicare 950 series is a great value when it comes to buying a straight stairlift chair. It's certainly one of the most reliable as well. Our customers love the convenience and assurance of the continuous charging function on the 950 chairlift. Your stairlift is ready when needed, even during a power outage. Is there an obstruction near the landing? Just park your chair away from it. No matter where the stairlift is parked, the battery is charging.

SlideTrack: The innovative and proprietary design of our SlideTrack eliminates any track intrusion on your staircase or landing. Similar to a powered hinge, it works automatically when the toggle or remote control is activated.

Manual Hinge: The track can be folded away from the doorway manually, providing clear access.

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Handicare 950 Straight Stairlift Specifications:

Install Handicare 950 Straight Stairlift

  • Weight limit: 310 lbs
  • Slim profile of 11.25 in when folded
  • Continuous charging function
  • Fold-up seat, footrest and armrests save space for other stair users
  • Safety sensors immediately stop the lift if anything is detected in its path
  • Adjustable seat height ensures the perfect fit for each user
  • Manual swivel seat for safer transfer onto and off of the lift
  • Key switch prevents unauthorized use
  • Vinyl seat for easy cleaning
  • Large, carpeted footrest for greater traction
  • Manual emergency stop
  • Two remote controls included
  • DC plug-in power
  • Battery backup in the event of power outage


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